KMR Foundation

The KMR Foundation is a non-profit organization that works with the rural communities and expanded its reach with a diversified program to include as many villages surrounding Aziznagar, the location where Sreenidhi International School(SIS) is situated. In recent times, the foundation is working from the SIS Campus and is deeply engaged in meaningful development projects that focus on health care, education, and vocational skill development of youth that enables self-employment.


- 100% immunization

- Care for expectant mothers 

- 100% literacy for children

- Vocational Training for skill development for youth

The foundation works in partnership with the rural community, local NGOs, Govt and private organizations. This helps generate a common pool of knowledge, which makes the implementation of projects easier.

Presently the foundation works in close collaboration with Mediciti “REACH” - Project team for the health care program.

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